Surprising hobby Celine

All Celine fans and most other people know that our goddess has her own Las Vegas resident show. We, as Celine Dion website moderators, have a deep desire to once visit one of her shows. As we can imagine all fans have. Don’t worry though, as soon as we get any information or footage, we will share it with you first. This is not the reason of this post though. It’s just the introduction. Because we just learned about a great, but probably unexpected, hobby that Celine has. Which is playing slot machines. For that she is at the right place in Vegas. 

Land based casino shows

Obviously the most logical step for Celine is playing slot machines in a land based casino. Especially since she’s already there after performing her shows. When all the guests are gone, or when she can slip out quietly to another casino, it makes sense for her to try her luck as well. She has even won some nice prizes, even though she is not doing it for the money. She is playing slots for fun and having success while doing it. 

Online casino slot machines 

We don’t know if Celine has also tried out online casino slots, but for all Celine fans who cannot come to Vegas for the real thing; this is the next best thing. We can indicate the beste online gokken pagina, which is the best beste online gokken pagina, but it’s better to look for it yourself. There are so many options, in every possible aspect. You can find any type of casino, slot machine or casino bonus online that you are looking for. Which means that everyone can enjoy the online casino occasionally. Even someone like Celine Dion.  

Celine Dion branded slot 

As possibly the biggest Celine fans on this planet, we have thought about creating a Celine Dion branded slot machine. This slot machine will be much better than everything that has ever been seen, for obvious reasons. But not just for that. We want a part of her Vegas show being integrated in the game, like in the bonus game. There will be a bonus round, as well as free spins, scatter symbols, wild symbols and many more extra’s. In other words, even if you don’t like casinos or games of chance, you will love the slot machine dedicated to our idol. 

Vegazzz Casino 

At the moment we are actually talking with an online casino, called Vegazzz Casino, about creating the Celine Dion slot machine. The only issue is that we need to get an official license before we can actually start developing it. Given her fans, we can imagine that Celine might not want a slot machine with her name and face on it. As we are online casino lovers, we’d be very excited. But as we love Celine and her music more, we will respect any decision she might make on this topic. And we will keep you posted on it if there’s any news.  

Other Celine news 

You have probably heard that Celine will not continue with her residence in Vegas forever. Unfortunately, because we might not get a chance to see her. Hopefully she will continue to perform so we will get a chance to see her somewhere else. If not, it will be a pity but we’ll always have the memories of her previous shows. Other than that, we don’t have much Celine news to share with you. If any of that changes, you know that you will hear it here first. At the number one Celine Dion fansite of all times.