Renѐ Angѐlil

The second person to die in Celine’s arms was the love of her life, her husband Renѐ Angѐlil. He was a Canadian pop singer and manager. In his younger years he performed in the band The Baronets with two childhood friends and had a few hits-the band dissolved in 1972.  After the group broke up, Renѐ, joined another friend in the business of managing successful Quebec Entertainers-Renѐ Simard & Ginette Rino…for example- until their paths separated in the early 80’s to become solo managers.

Renѐ became Celine’s agent after listening to a demo that she sent to him when she was twelve. He was amazed with her talent and mortgaged his house to pay for her first album in 1981.

They married in 1994 and had three children together, Renѐ-Charles, Eddy & Nelson (twins).  He was an avid gambler and loved NHL Hockey.

Angѐlil was married two times prior to his marriage with Celine. He is the late father of 6 children, he died in the arms of Celine Dion, just as he had requested, after losing the battle against throat cancer on January 14, 2016.