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As we have mentioned on the homepage of our website, there are plenty of Celine Dion parodies developed by online casino developers. Especially slot machines can be used for entertainment purposes with the help of a good storyline or character. Using an International artist into a machine can increase many players. We have seen all kinds of slot machines, specially designed with displaying or even hearing your favorite idol. Big music fans seems to appreciate this development, because it is giving the opportunity to see or hear their artists. The combination between the reality together with the entertainment results in a perfect match for many casino players.

The most popular slot machine based on a celebrity would be the Elvis slot machine. Besides this extremely popular casino game there are plenty other celebrities who are having their own designed slot machine. Just think about Michael Jackson, Marilyn Monroe or even popular series such as Sex and the City or even American Idol. Just think about one artists and we are pretty sure we can come up with the right slot machine game. It wouldn’t be such a surprise to inform you that the casino industry also had their eyes on the Canadian singer Celine Dion. Ofcourse, she is well known for her popular song “My heart will go on” and that happened to be the soundtrack of the Titanic slot machine. So if you are looking for a nice casino game with Celine singing on the background, this could be your ideal casino game!

If you take a look at Online Gokken Gids, you can find more information about the Titanic slot machine. It’s not very hard to make Celine Dion sing her beautiful song, just by hitting a bonus you can hear the pretty sounds vibrating out of the machine. It’s like you almost won the jackpot, that’s how much Celine Dion can give you this feeling by just singing her soundtrack. Just try out the slot machine to find out for yourself. Everybody who loves Celine Dion, also loves the movie of the Titanic. It has a tremendous love story, which can be seen in this specific slot machine. At the beste online gokken pagina they have tried this game several times and really enjoyed it too. If you are a big fan of Celine, you should really try out this casino game.

We think it’s great how this slot machine has been developed, but maybe that’s just because of the participation of Celine Dion. It is still possible that Celine will get her own slot machine, hopefully with an entire album on it. It would be really fantastic for all of her fans, especially to the ones who are passionate about playing casino games. So if you are reading this article and by coincidence like to develop casino games, than you should really consider a Celine Dion slot machine. In the meantime, just play Titanic The Heart Of The Ocean and enjoy the most popular song of our Canadian idol!